Sometimes it is handy hearing a few stories from someone who has been there, done that. Adventures does just that—recounts favorite weekend memories and suggests other stuff to do in the area like where to find the nearest coffee shop (the important stuff). To highlight our natural history, we’ll interview the experts and let you know where you can connect with that history on the land. Adventures is also a great place to share tips on wilderness safety, dive into regulations and why they are important to follow, and pass along new information or books written about our one-of-a-kind area.

By deepening our understanding of the land, we all certainly appreciate it even more. If you are curious about something you observe on the trail or have an idea you’d like us to investigate, please contact us. We would love to share what we find out with our Outside Walla Walla community. As we are discovering, there are countless ways to recreate in our area, and when we exhaust all the possibilities look forward to starting all over again.

Into the WILD-erness userBy Steve Dildine user0 Comment

Grab your pack, load it with the essentials (navigation, shelter, clothing, water, and food), and venture out into the wild for a weekend trip. Seems simple, right, but it’s not always easy. I’ve gone camping for 30 years--tent and RV,…

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Just for fun (and a sweatshirt)! userBy Gwen Dildine user1 Comment

If you are familiar with our site, you will know that we strive to follow rules. To respect the Stay Home, Stay Healthy orders, all of the items on our list are mindful of that mandate. If you manage to…

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A Wild Time userBy Gwen Dildine user7 Comments

Over eight-weeks beginning April 20, BMLT will stream a selection of short films that illustrate the challenges facing our planet and explore how communities are protecting the places they love. Each week, they will release a new lineup of films…

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Social Distancing with a View userBy Gwen Dildine user0 Comment

There is no doubt we are all a little stressed right now. One can only take so much uncertainty. The Outside Walla Walla crew think we have a good suggestion--try a dose of social distancing with a view! As an…

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