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Whitman College is a gorgeous campus located in the heart of Walla Walla. It is home to many treasures, including Cordiner Hall, where the oldest continually-operating symphony orchestra west of the Mississippi performs. In addition to events, art shows, and great cafeteria food, Whitman College also houses many unique and interesting sculptures.

  • What To Do
    • Walking Paths

      The Outdoor Sculpture Walk is basically an educational scavenger hunt that leads to a diverse and wonderful art experience. Appropriate for all ages, this is a fun way to walk roughly 1.5 miles around campus.

  • What To Expect

    Nearly thirty sculptures enhance an already beautiful campus. Make sure to bring a device to learn more about each piece and the talented artist who created it. The Outdoor Sculpture Walk brochure also makes navigation a breeze. Weekends and holidays are obviously less busy. Please be respectful of campus and clean up after your art-loving pooch along the way.

  • When To Go

    Grab a coffee downtown, bike from home, or pair the excursion with any number of events hosted on campus and open to the community. The Outdoor Sculpture Walk is an engaging activity appropriate all year. In fact, we encourage four season visitation as light and weather impact the experience.

  • How To Get There

    From downtown Walla Walla, go east on Main Street for 1/2 mile and turn right onto South Park Street. Pass the soccer field on your left and make your way into the parking area next to the Harper Joy Theatre on the campus of Whitman College. There is also street parking along South Park Street.

Please do not solely rely on Google Maps as their route might not always reflect what is maintained.

  • Your Public Lands

    Whitman College is a small, liberal arts college. Please respect the campus when visiting.

  • Distance:

    Within 1.5 Hours

  • Difficulty Level:

    Day Tripper

  • Seasons:

    Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

  • Elevation:

    942 feet

  • Pets:


  • Reservations:


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  • Multi-Use:


  • Motorized Vehicles :


  • Fees


  • Permits


  • Regulations


  • Amenities


  • Wildlife Awareness

    Please do not feed the ducks.

  • Field Notes

    Difficulty Level: Here is what we are thinking when we assign a difficulty level: Day Tripper--You don't have much experience in the area but want to get outside! Great for families of all ages. Adventurer--You know your way around the Blue Mountains and love a leisurely day outdoors. Mountaineer--You are ready for a challenge. Wild places excite you and sweat is the goal. Small children beware. Keep in mind some activities may apply to multiple difficulty levels based on usage.

    Pets: In general, pets are allowed on a leash and under control throughout jurisdictions. The only restrictions we have encountered are around swimming areas. As a best practice, be mindful of riparian habitat in general. You never know where a precious spawning area might be located. Pack it in and pack it out applies to your furry friend as well.