Umatilla Forks Area (Photo Credit: Steve Dildine)
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Chase Mountain

Atop the Blue Mountains is an awesome way to spend the weekend or longer. Neighboring Ski Bluewood, there are multiple places to dispersed camp and enjoy a star-filled evening with the family. Bring your hiking shoes, binoculars, and/or a few guide books and explore!

Indian Ridge

Less than 30 miles from town on a well-maintained, scenic road into the Blue Mountains exists dispersed camping sites skirting Indian Ridge along Tiger Creek Road. Dispersed camping is a great way to explore the forest without expectation of destination. Go where the day takes you. Perch atop the Blues and enjoy a sunset view of the valley. Walk a Forest Service road and enjoy a leisurely stroll with big views. Bring your bike and…

Little Goose Landing

Situated above the Little Goose Dam, Little Goose Landing provides access for multiple recreation opportunities, including fishing, water sports, camping, or just a quiet place to picnic along the Snake River. The river at this point has traded its wild, canyon carving waters for power producing flows as it meets a number of dams on its final push to join the Columbia River. Pack your sunscreen and life jacket and enjoy some eastern Washington fun…

Mt. Misery

Camping around 6,000 feet is pretty awesome. This area feels remote. The tamaracks in the fall are gorgeous and make a few roads look like a Wizard of Oz path. Enjoy following a few game trails or hop on an official trail or two. Perch atop of the Blues and enjoy the day. This area is great for slowing down the pace of life and decompressing in the wild.

Palmer Junction

Just 15 miles north of Elgin, Oregon, there is a quiet retreat on a remote section of the Grande Ronde River. A small dispersed camping area with direct access to a Wild and Scenic River, Palmer Junction is also near the Lookingglass Fish Hatchery, which rears spring Chinook salmon for the Imnaha and Grande Ronde Rivers.

South Fork Umatilla River

With a slew of hiking trails and an abundance of water, the Umatilla Forks area makes for great camping. For those who prefer to camp a little more rugged, there are dispersed campsites alongside the river as you make your way past the Umatilla Forks Campground. Looking for a fishing hole or swimming hole? Your outdoor adventure awaits. There are also a handful of gorgeous trails that take users into the scenic North Fork Umatilla…

Texas Rapids Recreation Area

Water sport enthusiasts are treated to convenient access to the Snake River at Texas Rapids Recreation Area. Whether you are an avid fisherman vowing to redeem the last one to get away, a kayaker or paddleboarder looking for open water, or simply just wanting to spend a night under the stars, the Texas Rapids Recreation Area provides such opportunities for all.