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Lakes & Ponds

Bennington Lake

This is about as local as it gets for outdoor activities. Located on the east side of town near Walla Walla Community College, locals and visitors alike are treated to stunning views of the Blue Mountains kissed by rolling fields of wheat. This is a great place to get a little exercise, take the dog for a walk, or escape the city without really having to leave. With so many different activities available, there is…

Jefferson Park Pond

This small pond is near the Walla Walla County Fairgrounds and Garrison Middle School. It is open year-round for fishing, and is stocked several times a year. From February to June, the pond receives hundreds of 10-12 inch rainbow trout with the occasional jumbo rainbow trout. Since this pond is only open to kids 14 and younger, this is an easy outdoor activity for the family.

Jubilee Lake

A local treasure, the Jubilee Lake area is a great place to escape valley heat and provide a change of scenery. Adventurers can hike, camp, fish, and embark on a water sport or two. This area checks off many activities available in the Umatilla National Forest. It is a great spot for a day trip. But, if you have time, there is plenty to do in this part of the forest.

Luger Pond

Small and secluded describes this 1/5 acre stocked pond well. Situated just south of Jubilee Lake, it was recently outfitted with two ADA accessible fishing piers and an ADA path connecting the piers. Stocked twice a year with both catch-able and trophy size rainbow trout, Luger Pond is a great alternative when Jubilee Lake is crowded. Camping is also available on site as there is a dispersed camping area next to the pond.

Tucannon Lakes

There are eight lakes that make up the Tucannon Lakes. Stocked with rainbow trout, these lakes are great for young and old as well as new to the sport or seasoned angler. Nestled in the W.T. Wooten Wildlife Area, these lakes not only provide fishing opportunities, but also a chance to enjoy the outdoors. Visitors can easily wander the lakes in search of the big one.

Wallowa Lake State Park

As one of Oregon’s 7 Wonders, the Wallowa Mountains, a glacier-carved lake, and geologically fascinating moraines make this area a must visit. This part of the world is simply magical. Spend the entire weekend at the park or stay longer and venture further to Hells Canyon or enjoy Joseph, Oregon and the absolute breathtaking view of the mountains while visiting all the local shops and eateries. This place is just pure fun!