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Lakes & Ponds

Bennington Lake

This is about as local as it gets for outdoor activities. Located on the east side of town near Walla Walla Community College, locals and…

Indian Lake Campground

Indian Lake Campground is adjacent to Lake Hiyúumptipin, which translates to grizzly bear devouring. This surprisingly large campground offers a wonderful weekend respite full of…

Jefferson Park Pond

This small pond is near the Walla Walla County Fairgrounds and Garrison Middle School. It is open year-round for fishing, and is stocked several times…

Jubilee Lake

A local treasure, the Jubilee Lake area is a great place to escape valley heat and provide a change of scenery. Adventurers can hike, camp,…

Luger Pond

Small and secluded describes this 1/5 acre stocked pond well. Situated just south of Jubilee Lake, it was recently outfitted with two ADA accessible fishing…

Tucannon Lakes

There are eight lakes that make up the Tucannon Lakes. Stocked with rainbow trout, these lakes are great for young and old as well as…

Wallowa Lake State Park

As one of Oregon’s 7 Wonders, the Wallowa Mountains, a glacier-carved lake, and geologically fascinating moraines make this area a must visit. This part of…