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Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve

A handful of short to moderate length trails treat users to unobstructed views of the Columbia Basin. From atop Badger Mountain, the unique geology and agriculture of eastern Washington is on display. Friends of Badger Mountain, a local group, has preserved this landscape with health and wellness in mind. Enjoy two trailheads and eight miles of well manicured trails. The plan is for these trails to connect with other trail systems in the area.

Bennington Lake

This is about as local as it gets for outdoor activities. Located on the east side of town near Walla Walla Community College, locals and visitors alike are treated to stunning views of the Blue Mountains kissed by rolling fields of wheat. This is a great place to get a little exercise, take the dog for a walk, or escape the city without really having to leave. With so many different activities available, there is…

Buck Mountain Trail

Challenge your fitness climbing over 2,000 feet from the South Fork Umatilla River or take the family for a relatively leisurely stroll along the rim of Buck Mountain. As one of the many North Fork Umatilla Wilderness trails, Buck Mountain Trail does not disappoint. It is accessible from lower and upper trailheads and offers connectivity with several other trails. This also means the hiking season starts early down low and stays cool up top.

Chamna Natural Preserve

Once used for grazing and farming, this 276 acre park located along the Yakima River offers plenty of space for multiple recreation opportunities. Walk, trial run, bike, bird watch, or ride horseback on over 11 miles of meandering trails through riparian and wetland habitat. As part of the 30 mile Tapteal Trail, use Chamna Natural Preserve as a start or end point to a longer adventure.

Chief Joseph Mountain Trail

As one of the trails starting at the Wallowa Lake Trailhead, the Chief Joseph Mountain Trail has it all. Stroll through the forest. Enjoy breathtaking views of the West Fork of the Wallowa River raging through the canyon. Hike up switchbacks to summit views. All of this is accomplished in just seven miles and ends at Chief Joseph Basin.

Eagle Ridge Trail / Luger Spring

There is fun for everyone on this multi-use trail that has a lot to offer. Easy access, views, and steep downhill switchbacks into old growth forest for the thrill seekers on two wheels make this a popular summertime trail. Sitting atop the Blue Mountains, the provides a great way to keep cool while you burn calories and enjoy nature.

Fields Spring State Park

Nestled in southeast Washington, Fields Spring State Park is truly a hidden gem. In the summer, enjoy hiking and biking trails. Once the snow falls, snowshoe and cross country ski those same trails throughout the winter. The Puffer Butte Viewpoint overlooks Hells Canyon, the Wallowa Mountains, and the Grand Ronde River. While the journey to the park is definitely outside Walla Walla, it just might become your new favorite scenic drive.

Grouse Mountain Trail

If big views are your sole purpose for hiking, then this is the trail for you. The trail follows the ridge of Grouse Mountain overlooking the North Fork Umatilla Wilderness area. This trail is magical in spring when everything is still lush and green from all the early rain, and the wildflowers are just spectacular. Bring a guidebook or two as the variety of foliage and incredible beauty will no doubt spark your interest. This…

Jubilee Lake

A local treasure, the Jubilee Lake area is a great place to escape valley heat and provide a change of scenery. Adventurers can hike, camp, fish, and embark on a water sport or two. This area checks off many activities available in the Umatilla National Forest. It is a great spot for a day trip. But, if you have time, there is plenty to do in this part of the forest.

Lake Creek Trail

The Lake Creek Trail sits on the southern edge of the North Fork Umatilla Wilderness. It provides access to the Buck Mountain, Buck Creek, and Umatilla Rim trails. Features include big trees and big views as you descend into the South Fork Umatilla River drainage. Enjoy a more mild slope than some of the other wilderness trails in the area. The Lake Creek Trail is definitely beginner friendly.

Lick Creek Trail

The Lick Creek Trail offers hikers the opportunity to gain access to the mountains relatively early in the spring. The ascent into the North Fork Umatilla Wilderness offers stunning views. Lick Creek is not far from the trail, providing soothing sounds of running water. Side-hilling open slopes mixed with shaded, forest sections keeps the trail interesting. Don't forget to stop and smell the wildflowers. If starting from Zig Zag Springs Trailhead (upper trailhead) expect big,…

Lyons Ferry State Park

Based on the name it shouldn’t surprise you that there was once a ferry that operated the crossing of the Snake River, and if the obvious stick hasn’t hit you yet, it was operated by the Lyons family. What might shock you is the fact that the ferry operated from 1860 all the way through 1968 when the bridge was constructed. Lyons Ferry State Park commemorates many historical features of the area in addition to…

Meadow Creek Trail

Much of the Tucannon area burned in recent history. The far south reach is still lush green. Make your way out of the Tucannon drainage alongside Meadow Creek and up to the top of Middle Point Ridge. Along the way, check out Godman Campground and Guard Station.

Middle Point Ridge Trail

Following the North Fork of the Touchet River and nestled between Chase Mountain and Middle Point Ridge, the Middle Point Trailhead is a mere 17 miles from Dayton, WA and 48 miles from Walla Walla. The views are fantastic. Many folks might use this road in the winter on the way to Ski Bluewood, but the views in spring, summer, and fall are equally as pleasing. As the crow flies, the trailhead is almost the…

Mount Emily Recreation Area (MERA)

Situated just north of La Grande, Oregon, Mount Emily Recreation Area (MERA) is an outdoor enthusiast playground. Encompassing 3,670 acres with 45 miles of motorized trails and another 45 miles of non-motorized trails, the options are prolific and the fun endless. MERA is open all year, offering four season views of the Grande Ronde Valley below. Nowhere else in our region can you find ORV trails, a motocross track, camping, non-motorized trails, and a 100…

Nine Mile Ridge Trail

An instant favorite, the Nine Mile Ridge Trail shows off the Blue Mountains in stunning fashion. The trail enjoys dense creek-side vegetation and long stretches of fields full of grasses, wildflowers, and sagebrush. The forest also provides an opportunity to enjoy a little shade and take in the views. This trail climbs over 1,000 feet in just over two miles. Hikers are rewarded by views of the South Fork of the Umatilla River and North…

North Fork Umatilla River Trail

If grand views and wildflowers sound like a great way to enjoy the day, the North Fork Umatilla River Trail is the way to do it. Most of the trail is located in the North Fork Umatilla Wilderness. This trail offers everything from an enjoyable stroll along the river to thigh-burning hill climbs. Thanks to the Blue Mountain Land Trust Blues Crew, the trail is maintained and ready to be explored.

North Fork Walla Walla Trail

The North Fork Walla Walla Trail is a jem located not far from town high in the Blue Mountains. The views, lush foliage, and beauty of old growth forest earn it a spot on the enjoy often list. There are multiple ways to enjoy this trail, from a leisurely hike to multi-day backpacking trip or perhaps even on horse or motorcycle. Considering its elevation, keep this trail in mind for summer or early fall before…

Oregon Butte Lookout

If you want to summit a mountain without having to climb it (or at least all of it), this hike is for you! The trail starts at a high elevation, leaving a manageable 1,000 feet up to go. Enjoy crisp mountain air and an eagle's eye view overlooking the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness. Atop the highest point in southeast Washington, take in panoramic views that includes the Wallowa Mountains of Oregon, Seven Devils of the Idaho Rockies,…

Palouse Falls

Thanks to a group of local, engaged elementary students, Palouse Falls is the official state waterfall of Washington. Dropping roughly 180 feet, Palouse Falls is a must see attraction. It is truly an impressive feature of the landscape. The park offers multiple views of the falls, and many interpretive signs enrich the experience.

Panjab Campground & Trail

If a weekend in the forest near a creek and a few trails sounds appealing, then Panjab Campground is just the place. A smaller campground on the border of the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness, it is near Rattlesnake Trail (#3129), Panjab Trail (#3127), and Salter Trail (#3139), which makes it a great spot to use as basecamp to explore multiple areas.

Pendleton Adventure Trails Recreation Area (PATRA)

Scenic adventure rides, check. Downhill jumpline, check. Technical decent, check. The PATRA trail system is open to foot and pedal traffic, conveniently located near the Pendleton Airport. A local volunteer group, Pendleton On Wheels, created a system of short trails suited for all skill levels.

Rock Hill Trail

Driving between Waitsburg and Dayton, Washington the Touchet River meanders from one side of the road to the other. The hillsides reflect the season as crops display their cyclical transformations. It is hard to appreciate at highway speed, which is why locals and travels alike should take a moment to gain a different perspective just above the valley floor on the Rock Hill Trail.

Rough Fork Trail

As the name suggests, this trail is one of the more difficult adventures. Users sidehill down a steep and loose trail making any activity difficult at times. Several sharp switchbacks will challenge even the most experienced bikers, human or motor powered. The Rough Fork Trail connects Mottet Campground with the South Fork Walla Walla Trail.

Sinks Trail

Enjoy a steady climb through old growth forest and open meadows as you make your way toward a gem of a finish line. Gaining 1,200 feet over roughly five miles makes it easy on the lungs. It is also a manageable distance for a leisurely stroll through the woods. This trail is a favorite for mountain biking.

Slick Ear Trail

Tucked deep into the forest on the edge of the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness, the Slick Ear Trail offers both a stunning view and, if desired, an incredible workout. This trail is a direct route, although rugged, to the Wenaha River, a Wild and Scenic River. The trail terminates at its junction with the Wenaha River Trail. Whether you are looking for a day hike, the start of a backpacking adventure, or just a stroll to a…

Sno Road Winery MTB Trail System

Enjoy mountain biking year-round at Sno Road Winery MTB Trail System. These valley trails offer a nice balance to their mountain counterpart. Likely accessible all year, even when winter has its grip on the mountains, this trail system is ideal for beginners and experts alike. With so many different trails to explore, prepare to spend hours of fun-filled miles on your mountain bike.

South Fork Walla Walla Trail

THIS AREA IS CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO FLOOD DAMAGE: This part of the world continues to top the list of favorite, nearby places get outside. Whenever we have company in town who have never experienced the Blue Mountains or if we just want to stretch our legs and listen to running water, this is the spot. The word iconic comes to mind. Just a short drive southeast of town, the trail is excellent for all…

Table Springs / Bear Creek Trail

A multi-use trail providing access to both the North Fork and South Fork Walla Walla Trails giving you many options for an extended trip through the Blue Mountains. Make your way to the top and enjoy panoramic views from the top of Table Springs Ridge.

Tiger Ridge Trail

Mostly used by hunters and ATVs, this trail provides access to a great camping area and connects with the North Fork Walla Walla Trail. If you are looking for a trail less traveled, this one is for you. The northern section takes you along Tiger Ridge, while the southern end leads to the North Fork Walla Walla River. A great candidate for an overnight pack-in camping trip as this is a shorter trail, but pack…

Tucannon Trail

The Tucannon Trail is remote. It is the end of the line by way of gravel forest service road and borders the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness area. This part of the forest burned in the recent past, so expect down timber and heavy brush. For the foreseeable future, it might be best to use this trail to connect deeper into the forest. The roar of the Tucannon is still something, and perhaps take advantage of the open…

Twin Sisters

After years of living in the area, it is easy to get used to having the Columbia River just down the road. In reality, this historic, geologically fascinating area deserves a visit from time to time. Though slightly outside of the Blue Mountain region, this short hike offers expansive views of the Gorge. Pull over next time you are en route to I-84 and enjoy.

Umatilla Rim Trail

This trail provides so much fun for so many users. Hiking and mountain biking are just a few ways people can enjoy this part of the forest. As the name suggests, the Umatilla Rim Trail follows the ridge and skirts the North Fork Umatilla Wilderness area. It is a long trail with multiple access points to allow for different experiences on the same trail. Multiple lookout areas provide incredible views of the Blue Mountains, and…

West Tiger Creek Trail

Close to town, great views on the drive to the trail, and a number of wineries along the way (for the return trip) make the West Tiger Creek Trail a fun, accessible option for outdoor recreation in the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountain Land Trust Blues Crew is working hard to restore this trail and advocating for improvements. The trail follows Tiger Creek and crosses it a few times, making it a fun, family-friendly option…