November 16, 2023

Outwardly Thankful

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It happened again. Another year is on the verge of over. There were peaks; there were valleys. There were losses, and there were wins. I remain thankful.

Outdoor recreation offers varied experiences dependent on the season, weather conditions, and personal preference. It’s a walk in the park. It’s a Class V rapid. Budget friendly or once-in-a-lifetime splurge, it can be that too.

Thankful for Dayton

As hiking trails accumulate the first snow of the season and waters cool, there are a handful of recreation opportunities around Dayton, Washington that offer a perfect bridge between summer and winter. Afterall, Dayton is the gateway to our beloved, local resort, Ski Bluewood.

Don’t underestimate the joy a simple in-town trail can provide. The Rock Hill Trail and Touchet River Levee Trail are so close to town no one would blame you for picking up a giant, fresh doughnut from the Moose Creek Café and Bakery to make sure you have enough calories on board to complete the walk.

For a definite calorie burning experience amid a few indulgent months, the Middle Point Ridge Trail leaves the Touchet River and switchbacks up into the Blue Mountains, offering wonderful views of the last signs of fall as winter takes hold.

Touchet River Levee Trail (Photo Credit: Steve Dildine)

A fun find on the Touchet River Levee Trail, this massive rock doubled as a place to stop and enjoy the scenery. There are a handful of surprises along the way. Who doesn’t love the sound of a river?

Thankful for Outfitters

Tis the season to think local. Greg Jacob, owner and operator of Adventure Fit, is geared up and ready to guide all sorts of adventures. From the Columbia River to the snow-packed Blue Mountains, Adventure Fit solves all the logistics–gear, travel, and instruction. Grab three to 11 of your closest friends and family and make some wild memories!

Have you even been surrounded by a ballroom full of gear? The Whitman College Outdoor Program is having a gear sale on November 28 from noon until 7 pm in the Reid Center Ball Room. This includes new and used gear at crazy discount prices. If Santa had a workshop full of gear to gift, this is what it would look like!

Our local bike shops are ready to help you winterize your ride. Do you need safety lighting as the days shorten? Are you considering riding through whatever winter throws at us this year? Make sure your tires are ready for the elements. Allegro Cyclery and Bicycle Barn have the tools, knowledge, and inventory to keep you on your bike. I dare remind everyone how many days remain before the holidays; I bet a bike would fit under the tree.

For foundational pieces that go the distance, Studio Opal and 35th + Butter source an impressive collection of quality brands, including Patagonia, KAVU, and Fjällräven to name a few. These brands marry style and function, designed to stay in your closet for a lifetime. Stay tuned for Outside Walla Walla’s gift giving guide that includes many local pieces.

Thankful for Partners

It is so important to think local, shop local. As a homegrown effort ourselves, we rely on local support as well. Our partnership opportunities are mutually beneficial. With over 100,000 users, we want to connect our users to your business or organization. Partnership levels are designed for any size or stage of business—choose your adventure!

Many thanks to Andy’s Market and Purl 2 Walla Walla for partnering with Outside Walla Walla! Show your support of these fantastic local businesses. Did you know The Market by Andy’s makes holiday-themed smoothies? While you are there, go next door to Purl 2 Walla Walla and discover a community space to sit & knit—warm socks, a one-of-a-kind sweater to hit the slopes, or perhaps a beanie for breezy walks.

Thankful for You

Have you ever wondered about Outside Walla Walla’s origin story? Check out our podcast, An Adventurous Idea. As we transition to the “what next” phase of the website, we want to supplement our outdoor recreation database with a new batch of content called Recreation U. Responding to user feedback, now that you have Outside Walla Walla’s growing catalog of outdoor recreation activities, let’s focus on what it takes to actually go and do some of these things. Expect classes and a smidge of really fun homework in the new year!

Thank you for using the site. It means the world to us. Your stories about connecting with friends and family outdoors, planning family reunions around recreation, and even making the leap to move here because of our site are humbling. We believe in the impact of time spent in nature. From living healthy, active lifestyles to learning more about the natural world to diversifying our local economy, it all matters. Thank you for believing in this wild idea!