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Andies Prairie Sno-Park

There are few better ways to enjoy the snow as a family than sledding. Andies Prairie is a great place to test your adrenaline threshold. This extremely popular spot has a great communal feel. From the occasional wood stove at the top of the bowl, to folks barbequing in the parking lot, it seems like everyone feels right at home in the mountains.

Fields Spring State Park

Nestled in southeast Washington, Fields Spring State Park is truly a hidden gem. In the summer, enjoy hiking and biking trails. Once the snow falls, snowshoe and cross country ski those same trails throughout the winter. The Puffer Butte Viewpoint overlooks Hells Canyon, the Wallowa Mountains, and the Grand Ronde River. While the journey to the park is definitely outside Walla Walla, it just might become your new favorite scenic drive.

Fishhook Park

A short drive from town to a picturesque setting on the Snake River, Fishhook Park has so many activities to offer--camping, fishing, birding, kayaking, paddleboarding, a swim beach, and a few play structures for the kids. A number of campsites have water access, and the ones that don’t are up the bank just a bit further than their shoreline neighbors and take advantage of the view. Given its proximity to Walla Walla, folks can easily…

Godman Campground

This is a small campground with big views. Sitting near the top of the Blue Mountains and overlooking the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness, Godman Campground offers great access to wilderness trails. Located along the historic Kendall Skyline Road, use this campground as a home base to explore the many hiking opportunities and viewpoints located nearby.

Harris Park

This part of the world always tops the list of close, accessible places to enjoy the outdoors. Thanks to the vision of folks long ago to preserve this land for public use, everyone has the opportunity to recreate and enjoy the South Fork of the Walla Walla River and surrounding forest. It is a perfect destination to bring a book and coffee, take a morning bike ride up the canyon, or perhaps even host a…

Jubilee Lake

A local treasure, the Jubilee Lake area is a great place to escape valley heat and provide a change of scenery. Adventurers can hike, camp, fish, and embark on a water sport or two. This area checks off many activities available in the Umatilla National Forest. It is a great spot for a day trip. But, if you have time, there is plenty to do in this part of the forest.

Ladybug Campground

Nestled along the Tucannon River and under shade, enjoy ample access to fishing, hiking, and even mountain biking. With just a handful of sites available, its size preserves the sense of remoteness. Overall, Ladybug Campground is great place to spend a few days in the forest tossing the football around or dangling your feet in the river. The roar of the river makes up for the lack of privacy between sites. There is plenty of…

Lewis & Clark Trail State Park

This is a lovely campground not far from town with multiple spots backing up to the Touchet River. The Lewis & Clark Trail State Park is a prime spot to relax. It is a great location for folks who want to visit the area and enjoy the surrounding small towns. Locals can trade weekend chores for s'mores in this well-shaded and really beautiful riverside campground.

Minam State Recreation Area

One of the few Oregon State Parks located in our neck of the woods, what our area lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. The Minam State Recreation Area is a wonderful place to call home for a few nights. Acting as home base for avid river enthusiasts, this campground is a popular spot for rafters and kayakers in the spring. Its proximity to the Wallowa River make this spot a lovely place…

Mottet Campground

If the campground at Jubilee Lake is full, Mottet Campground offers a great alternative. Nestled off the beaten path, this campground is a short drive from the lake and provides access to hiking, mountain biking, and fishing. Mottet is a smaller campground with only six sites. With plenty of space, it gives everyone room to enjoy nature.

Mount Emily Recreation Area (MERA)

Situated just north of La Grande, Oregon, Mount Emily Recreation Area (MERA) is an outdoor enthusiast playground. Encompassing 3,670 acres with 45 miles of motorized trails and another 45 miles of non-motorized trails, the options are prolific and the fun endless. MERA is open all year, offering four season views of the Grande Ronde Valley below. Nowhere else in our region can you find ORV trails, a motocross track, camping, non-motorized trails, and a 100…

Palouse Falls

Thanks to a group of local, engaged elementary students, Palouse Falls is the official state waterfall of Washington. Dropping roughly 180 feet, Palouse Falls is a must see attraction. It is truly an impressive feature of the landscape. The park offers multiple views of the falls, and many interpretive signs enrich the experience.

Panjab Campground & Trail

If a weekend in the forest near a creek and a few trails sounds appealing, then Panjab Campground is just the place. A smaller campground on the border of the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness, it is near Rattlesnake Trail (#3129), Panjab Trail (#3127), and Salter Trail (#3139), which makes it a great spot to use as basecamp to explore multiple areas.

Rose Springs Sno-Park

If you thrive in winter and enjoy the challenges of fresh, deep powder, then Rose Springs Sno-Park is your new best friend. Starting at around 4,000 feet, outdoor enthusiasts are treated to plowed forest roads and breathtaking views of the Blue Mountains. Enjoy an easy day on the sled hill or put in some serious miles exploring the forest in the winter. It’s a totally different look at some your favorite, more remote spots to…

Starbuck / Lyons Ferry Marina KOA

Conveniently located on the Snake River near Lyons Ferry State Park and Palouse Falls State Park, Starbuck/Lyons Ferry Marina KOA is a great home base for a wide variety of recreational opportunities. Amenities are plentiful offering just about everything you need for a pleasant stay.

Target Meadows Campground

Slightly more off the beaten path than Woodward Campground but not as far as Jubilee Lake Campground, Target Meadows Campground was aptly named as it was used by U.S. Army soldiers stationed at Fort Walla Walla. In the summers between the late 1880s through 1906, soldiers would use the area as an artillery range. A sign at the campground details its history, and campers can search the Engelmann spruce and Lodgepole pine for signs of…

Tucannon Campground

This campground is centrally located between several stocked fishing lakes and multiple hiking trails. The Tucannon Campground is a great choice for getting outdoors. The Tucannon River weaves through the campground, creating a dense riparian habitat to seclude each campsite and provide summer shade. A popular campground, arrive early to secure your spot or camp during the week for lighter use.

Umatilla Forks Campground

If exploring the North Fork Umatilla Wilderness is on your bucket list, then consider the Umatilla Forks campground as a great jumping off point for other adventures in the wild. With multiple trails in the area and the confluence of the North Fork and South Fork of the Umatilla River nearby, there is surely enough hiking and fishing opportunities available to keep any outdoor enthusiast moving.

Wallowa Lake State Park

As one of Oregon’s 7 Wonders, the Wallowa Mountains, a glacier-carved lake, and geologically fascinating moraines make this area a must visit. This part of the world is simply magical. Spend the entire weekend at the park or stay longer and venture further to Hells Canyon or enjoy Joseph, Oregon and the absolute breathtaking view of the mountains while visiting all the local shops and eateries. This place is just pure fun!

Woodland Campground

A small campground on the side of a highway doesn't sound like an ideal weekend getaway, but this one is different. It is centrally located near great multi-use trails, including one within the campground. Frequented by mountain bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts, Woodland Campground is near two of the most popular multi-use trails around Tollgate. For those wanting a more remote experience, access to the North Fork Umatilla Wilderness is just a short drive away.

Woodward Campground

Surrounded by Engelmann spruce and other conifers, this popular campground is located on the edge of Langdon Lake. There is no public access to the lake, however. If needing a launch point to other adventures in the surrounding forest and wilderness area, this campground is located directly off the highway, so ditch the gravel commute and start camping sooner.