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Thanks to an easement granted by Walla Walla University as well as community support, Walla Walla County was able to secure funding to build this multi-use path along West Whitman Drive. This path provides safe recreation along a narrow country road for cyclist, joggers, and walkers. If your timing is right, you can watch small aircraft take off and land from Martin Air Field.

  • What To Do
    • Walking Path

      A paved, extra-wide, and straight path spans 2.5 miles from Rogers Adventist School to Last Chance Road, following West Whitman Drive. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the path. Rogers Adventist School offers playgrounds and ball fields on the east end of the path. Starting at the west end is a favorite to immediately enjoy open views of the Blue Mountains.

  • What To Expect

    A wide multi-use path begins at Rogers Adventist School and runs parallel to West Whitman Drive for 2.5 miles to Last Chance Road. It is concrete and wide, separated from the road by green space. This is a nice touch as it feels more secure having additional distance from the road. Traveling east and west, be aware of morning and afternoon light. The walk east at sunrise with a fresh cup of coffee sounds like a great way to start the day.

  • When To Go

    This path is accessible year round. Walking, cycling, kids considering ditching their training wheels, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing are just a few ways to enjoy this in-town path. When school is in session, be mindful of parking on the east end of the path. There is parking along West Whitman Drive or consider using the sidewalk that almost connects the entire stretch between College Avenue and Rogers Adventist School. Make sure to pack for extended sun exposure.

  • How To Get There

    East Side Parking: From downtown Walla Walla, drive west on Rose Street for just over two miles and turn left onto College Avenue. After roughly 1/4 mile turn right onto West Whitman Drive. Continue for another half mile to Rogers Adventist School on your left.

    West Side Parking: From downtown Walla Walla, drive west on Rose Street for two miles then turn right onto Wallula Avenue. Continue for another 3.5 miles and turn left onto Last Chance Road. Drive another two miles to find a parking area on your right at the intersection with West Whitman Drive. Parking space is limited.

Please do not solely rely on Google Maps as their route might not always reflect what is maintained.

  • Your Public Lands

    This path is made possible by Walla Walla County in cooperation with Walla Walla University.

  • Distance:

    Within 1.5 Hours

  • Difficulty Level:

    Day Tripper

  • Seasons:

    Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

  • Elevation:

    746 feet

  • Pets:


  • Reservations:


  • ADA:


  • Multi-Use:


  • Motorized Vehicles :


  • Fees


  • Permits


  • Regulations

    No motorized vehicles are allowed on the recreation path.

  • Amenities

    Playgrounds and fields are located at Rogers Adventist School on the east end of the path. As a warning, there are no public restrooms.

  • Field Notes

    Difficulty Level: Here is what we are thinking when we assign a difficulty level: Day Tripper--You don't have much experience in the area but want to get outside! Great for families of all ages. Adventurer--You know your way around the Blue Mountains and love a leisurely day outdoors. Mountaineer--You are ready for a challenge. Wild places excite you and sweat is the goal. Small children beware. Keep in mind some activities may apply to multiple difficulty levels based on usage.

    Pets: In general, pets are allowed on a leash and under control throughout jurisdictions. The only restrictions we have encountered are around swimming areas. As a best practice, be mindful of riparian habitat in general. You never know where a precious spawning area might be located. Pack it in and pack it out applies to your furry friend as well.