The Walla Walla Valley is home to many talented artists. Much of their work is on display and livening up the heart of Walla Walla. Take a moment to grab a coffee and tour the sculptures that soften and enhance our community.

  • Distance:

    Within 1.5 Hours

  • Difficulty Level:

    Day Tripper

  • Seasons:

    Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

  • Elevation:

    942 feet

  • Pets:


  • Nearest Services:

    Walla Walla, Washington

  • Reservations:


  • ADA:


  • Multi-Use:


  • Motorized Vehicles :


  • Your Public Lands

    City of Walla Walla

  • What To Do
    • Walking Paths

      The sculpture tour is about a one mile walk following Main Street through downtown Walla Walla featuring 14 sculptures from several artists.

  • How To Get There

    This walking tour begins at Xeriscape Park at the end of East Main Street and concludes at Crawford Park (the bus depot & location of the downtown farmers market). Park on Main Street and cross Rose Street on foot as Xeriscape Park does not have parking immediately adjacent to the area.

  • When To Go

    Anytime you want to take a stroll and enjoy local art--don't forget the Whitman College Campus Sculpture Walking Tour is only a few blocks east as well.

  • What To Expect

    ArtWalla created this guidebook that provides insight on more than a dozen sculptures as well as background about their creators. Check out ArtWalla for current events and fun ways to engage with the community.

  • Fees

    Consider making a contribution to ArtWalla to support more projects like this one!

  • Permits


  • Regulations


  • Amenities

    A number of coffee shops, restaurants, and retail stores line Main Street. The only public restrooms are located at Crawford Park; otherwise, consider supporting the local economy in trade for the key to the restroom.

  • Wildlife Awareness

    In this case, beware of crosswalks and traffic.

  • Field Notes

    Difficulty Level: Here is what we are thinking when we assign a difficulty level: Day Tripper--You don't have much experience in the area but want to get outside! Great for families of all ages. Adventurer--You know your way around the Blue Mountains and love a leisurely day outdoors. Mountaineer--You are ready for a challenge. Wild places excite you and sweat is the goal. Small children beware. Keep in mind some activities may apply to multiple difficulty levels based on usage.

    Pets: In general, pets are allowed on a leash and under control throughout jurisdictions. The only restrictions we have encountered are around swimming areas. As a best practice, be mindful of riparian habitat in general. You never know where a precious spawning area might be located. Pack it in and pack it out applies to your furry friend as well.